Uday Shanbhag

The uneasy and misfit outbursts of this artist is well composed with conceptually rich gestures. His recent paintings are instinctual marked by its subjects. Some of his performances even go to the extent of slogan like vividness. The disturbing facts of farmer's suicides, real estate scam of Mumbai and the ever conflicting rural and urban of the post colonial nation is confronted in a graffiti like directness.

Uday's interventions are rather intelligently positioned in public domain. One of his recent performances, "How to milk the holy cow"  is an anguish representation of the mainstream political corruption.  A recent exhibition “Back to the Roots” (Alliance Francaise, May 24 to 31, 2010) referred to both his return to India after seven years in Europe and his preoccupation with the fate of farmers in his ancestral village. Although without knowing it beforehand, one would not have guessed the farmer address, the show indeed generated a feel of passively endured deprivation at the bottom of society.

Uday Shanbhag continues his artistic venture in Mumbai.