Tomas Nakada

This design is based on Okinawan textile patterns. It was done on rice  paper stationary from a Japanese hotel. The vertical lines on it are for Japanese writing. I use them as a template for my designs.

I was born in Okinawa and studied Chinese calligraphy for many years. This is an ongoing process of assimilating my cultural tradition into my contemporary work.

I grew up in Hawaii and then moved to San Francisco where I got my MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. After graduating I started showing with Jamieson Thomas Gallery in Portland, Mark Moore Gallery in Los Angeles and Paule Anglim Gallery in San Francisco. I have done several public and private commissions. I have shown in New York and in Europe and at several museum shows including the Portland Art Museum, the Crocker Art Museum, the Oakland Art Museum and a solo show at the New Port Harbor Museum.

I continue to live and work in San Francisco as a professional artist.