Alex Flett

Garden conversation.

Art is a journey, not a destination. Art either works as art or doesn't. In MoMA in New York, Picasso's Demoiselles is in a room next door to the Dance by Matisse, and I once spent an entire day going from one to the other and could not make a judgement about either. I can say the same about abstraction, figuration, representational or conceptual works; each has to be viewed in its own terms, and when I am working, particularly when using sketch books, I am very conscious of this. It is possible to set off with a line and know where you are going with it - what you want it to achieve - like going for a walk and knowing where you are walking to. But at other times, I go for a walk and just explore, allowing the line to take me where it wants to go - becoming a voyage of discovery - an arrival at a new, and previously unknown place. For this reason most of my sketch drawings are rapid, so I dont begin making decisions about them ahead of myself. The drawing, like thought, makes its own way to a conclusion, surprising me into seeing anew.

Public collections include: The Museum of Modern Art New York, The European Parliament, The National Museum of Scotland. The National Gallery of South Africa, Cape Town and many more.
Academic Institution Collections include: University College Los Angeles, USA. the University of Dundee, Scotland, The University of Aberdeen, Scotland. Durban University of Technology South Africa and many more.

I could also go on about the Workshops, Public lectures, Seminars and creating the Kirkcudbright International Arts Festival. It just goes on and on. The stuff on the web site is the tip of an Iceberg. 

Photo credits: Oliver Dobbin

Conversation by Alex Flett