Colleen Hennessey

A self-taught observer of natural and man-made systems, Colleen Hennessey views her artwork as a series of notes on areas of interest and instances of mild tragedy.  There is no clear division between making work and the rest of life.  Art is a response to what moves you, and an ongoing inquiry into the world. 

Colleen Hennessey’s work has been exhibited at Kinkead Contemporary (Los Angeles), Box Gallery (Gothenberg, Sweden), and Art Node (Stockholm, Sweden) and in the exhibitions the GardenLAb Experiment, Looking is Better than Feeling You, and Hollywood Premiere.  Her work has been featured in Merge Magazine (Sweden).  Hennessey received a BFA from Kansas City Art Institute and was an affiliate at Headlands Center for the Arts (California) for several years.

Sprinklers by Colleen Hennessey

Dual Power by Colleen Hennessey

Lesbian Brontosaurus by Colleen Hennessey

Monkey Riding Dog by Colleen Hennessey