Andreas Waldén

Waldén has an intimate and rigorous working regime which informs his thoughtful oil paintings and drawings. They are a studied examination of the relationship between a drawing and it's finished execution. He examines the world that leads up to an artistic statement, and how it imprints on the painting, and how the expectation of a painting imprints on the thought processes that lead to it. Working with a limited palette, he diverges very little from the original drawings that produce the painting. With this limited repertoire he attempts to engage the whole range of relationships that an artwork has with its beginnings.The question of what the artwork does in the chain of creative thinking, and whether it is necessary or inevitable, is balanced by questions of how these can come from an artwork. These questions are vital in deciding how and if a culture based on artistic creativity can evolve.  

Andreas Waldén was born in Sweden 1979. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki, Finland in 2008. Since then he has had several exhibitions in various locations in Europe. He is represented in the collections of The Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki, Finland, Treignac projet, Treignac, France and in various private collections . He currently resides in Vienna, Austria.
"I want to avoid any of the easy answers."

If Your Way Is The Only Way I Am Happy To Be Led Astray by Andreas Walden