Woody van Amen

Top Art by Woody van AmenVan Amen studied at the Rotterdam Academy. From 1970 he taught at the same Academy. In 1959 he made the longest paintings in the world, which were abstract paintings made on organ books.

From 1961 he spent two years in the United States. He was introduced to the work of American artists such as Andy Warhol and Robert Rauschenberg. These artists used everyday consumer objects in their work. Van Amen drew inspiration from this approach and made a number of paintings in which he incorporated familiar brands from the Netherlands.

Back in the Netherlands, he devoted himself to assemblage art. He made his works from a variety of objects taken from everyday life. He created art that was intended to shock the establishment.

In the 70s he frequently visited Switzerland and Southeast Asia, which is the basis of an oriental influence in his work. His art moved away from pop art and became difficult to classify. He started using a few recurring forms in his works such as the Matterhorn and a form he refers to as the taxat, which is based on an Oriental symbol.

Woody van Amen has had numerous solo exhibitions all over the world.