Cendres Lavy

What interests me is to divulge what reality does not want to let us reflect on and to show that the image is far from being innocent. It is precisely the place of ideologies, pointing to the narrow gap that exists between “talking” and “doing”. Art seems to me a strategic terrain where the great issues of our time are explored. I note at which point the image becomes fascinating and prescriptive, and with what force it focuses on magical rituals and becomes a product in the performance. The rapport I perceive between “talking” and “doing” probes themes of genre, rumour, power and more generally the interaction between visual fields, domination and the collective unconscious. The human figure is omnipresent in my work. I love to play with the proportions of the body, to give men a softness and women a powerful physique.   


To Introduce by Cendres Lavy