Beate Spitzmueller

Beate Spitzmueller studied Fine and Interdisciplinary art in Freiburg and Frankfurt a.M., Germany.

She draws, takes photos, films and develops concepts for her installations and art projects. She deals intensively with the subject time and argues with social and ecological questions. She works conceptual, mostly in picture rows and series. 
Beate Spitzmüller makes exhibitions and art projects at home and abroad as for example in Switzerland, the USA, Australia, India, Poland and South Africa. 
She received numerous scholarships and artist in Residences, including, the international Akerby scholarship / Sweden (2000), the scholarship of the  Bartels Foundation / Switzerland (2006), the scholarship of the Cranach Foundation / Wittenberg (2008). She was an artist in Residence of the Greatmore Studios 2009 in Capetown and 2010 a scholarship holder of the BagFactory in Johannisburg where she lived and worked several months. 2011 she got the Schlossberg-scholarship of the Art Association in Böblingen (Germany).
In addition, Beate Spitzmueller is active in the sector of communication of art in the intercultural context. Of it manifested themselves different generation spanning and several years projects like "creativity against linguistic barriers" or "The covered board and the table conversation" in exhibitions in Berlin and with the JAG in Johannesburg, South Africa.

(ⓒH.Kempel, B.Spitzmueller)

Hot Spots Berlin by Beate Spitzmueller