Caspar Veeger

Lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He studied at the Academy of Art St. Joost in Breda. Caspar has been showing his photographs in many exhibitions in his home country and abroad since 1985. His work is present in several national and international private collections.

"My passion for photography is driven by my curiosity and sense of adventure to try to see beyond conventional boundaries. The transformation from reality to abstract underpins the intensive nature of my work".

"I draw my inspiration from the extreme contrast and the bittersweet nature of beauty and death in every day life. Then I let the camera do it's work rather than interfering with the subject. The images I extract from my surroundings project surreal forms, an exuberance of colour and my own cluttered or uncluttered emotional status at that moment in time".

"The photograph shown here on the T-shirt is titled: "Le Penseur". It is a homage to Auguste Rodin's sculpture and reminds us that his theme is still contemporary during the time we live in now".

Le Penseur by Caspar Veeger