Dan Miller

Dan Miller's practice represents a meticulous analysis of the textural, tactile and intellectual concerns that fuel, drive and shape cultural activity. Historical fascination and rigorous process underpin an investigation into the underlying behavioural properties of materiality.

Two-dimensional works are routinely interceded with a variety of appropriated graphical motifs and historical references. The territory of ratio and repetition are reworked, drawing into question the role and function of the author.

Repetitive geometric patterns are often correlated with the shape and configuration of the canvases. Symmetrical compositions of dots, lines and polygons float on an x/y axis, the grid providing a skeletal substrate for pictorial and chromatic management. 

Dan Miller graduated with a BA (Hons) from The Glasgow School of Art in 2002. Recent solo exhibitions and residencies include: Copenhagen Artist in Residence Programme at The Factory for Art & Design and Still Life, in association with Studio Warehouse Glasgow, The Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art 2010. 

Group shows have included: Industrial Aesthetics - Environmental Influences on Recent Art from Scotland, Hunter College Time Square Gallery, New York, No Noise, The Agency Gallery, London, Modal with Lilah Fowler at Cartel, London, curated by Oliver Basciano, Neil Clements / Dan Miller / Tom Varley, Galerie Mark Müller, Zurich,Leger Trager with Kevin Pollock, Grace & Clark Fyfe Gallery, Glasgow, Way Out is the Way Out, Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh and Over The Bridge, Cirkulations Centralen, Malmö.

Dan Miller will be presenting new works in his solo show at the DG Danske Grafikere, Copenhagen, during February 2013.


Silent Sleuth by Dan Miller