Ted Noten

Ted Noten followed in the footsteps of this first generation of 'conceptual designers'. But right from the start he also distinguished himself from them, for instance for his ability to reconcile widely differing worlds. Although he comments on the traditional world of jewellery, making clear statements, he celebrates it at the same time. He will never shrink from using unconventional materials, but he will just as easily work precious materials into his pieces if their story demands it. Noten enjoys nothing so much as operating on the fringes of his profession, or even going slightly over the edge. Like a relative outsider he has taken in both the conventional world of jewellery and its target group, and the conceptual avant-garde. He will comment on both - sometimes viciously, sometimes full of compassion. But never without a degree of self-mockery and never without remaining deeply involved.

"Jewellery holds so many opportunities to communicate. It forms a direct link to being human, to small things, to the absurd nature of fate, and the psychology behind traditions, cutting right across the times and nationalities", according to jewellery designer Ted Noten (1956).

Ted Noten started his career in the early nineties when he worked as a soloist. Since 2005 he has been going by the name of Atelier Ted Noten, working with a regular group of contributors on bigger and smaller design projects, installations and commissions for a range of collectors, governments, and cultural institutions. 


Till Diamonds Do Us Part by Ted Noten