Adam Shreckhise

Over the past six or seven years, Adam Shreckhise has been building a loose collection of electromechanical sculptures, each of which are built to perform a task toward a collective goal which emulates human behaviour.  Adam has used these systems of interconnected sculpture in attempts to tell stories (in a Mattress Factory Museum show), make paintings (at the 2011 Pittsburgh Biennial), and write poetry (as a finalist for the 2012 DATA awards). 

As the collective goals shift, these contraptions get re-appropriated for different tasks or are dismantled for parts as new gadgets are needed to make increasingly complex behaviour occur.  Therefore, these sculptures (and the larger systems they serve) are in a constant state of evolution, orchestrated by Adam in his studio.

The latest organization of these parts exists within interactive arcade-type games; each of which functions within PLAY Parlour, a hand-built arcade-lounge.  The piece on the Sequoia Tees shirt is a cart which can carry electrical contacts up the toothed bar, through a series of contacts operating a wind-puppet-scoreboard.  When the large solenoid on the back of the cart fires, it pulls the cog off the bar, and drops the cart back to the bottom; breaking the contacts.

Sisyphus by Adam Shreckhise