Yuya Ushida

Yuya Ushida is a guy who likes making cool stuff.

Some of Yuya's works have been displayed in renowned galleries and museums, and it has become to a part of the permanent collection of Museum of Modern Art (US), Museum of Arts and Design (US) and Victoria & Albert Museum (UK). 



Title "I am happy when you are happy"

I wear a t-shirts almost everyday, and I love a t-shirt with cool graphic on it. (or sometimes not cool graphics, because not cool is better than "nice"). For me, t-shirts are part of my everyday life, not a piece of art.

I had to design a graphic for a t-shirt that can also be a piece of art. So I thought the image should have some value rather than be just a graphic design. I am not an artist or painter, so when I design a graphic, I can not add any extra value other than the design.

I decided to use the doodles I made while making 6 pieces of "XXXX_SOFA" (see the structure in the back ground). The doodle itself has no value, however the time I spent for making sofa has great value to me.

My motto as a designer is " to make objects which make people happy". The t-shirt should be special, unique and with an image that makes the people wearing the t-shirts happy. But, I am concerned for the crafts people as well. Therefore I talked well with the crafts people in order to print it easier/faster.