Narouz Moltzer

Narouz Jerome Moltzer (Amsterdam, 1963) began in 1991 as assistant to the Amsterdam artist Aat Veldhoen. After many hundreds of hours sanding and cutting marble, he focused especially on metal, stone and bronze sculptures and portraits. In 2000 he established himself as an independent artist, and in recent years he emphatically manifested himself as a portrait painter. His first solo exhibition was opened by Veldhoen and former Minister of Culture Hedy d'Ancona. Narouz exhibited in Amsterdam Supperclub, Polka Dot gallery of Henk Schiffmacher, the Northern Lights, the Chielerie, Cash & Carry gallery of Peter Klashorst, et al. Narouz worked among others with Aat Veldhoen, Peter Klashorst, Dadara, Micha Klein, George Heidweiller and many others.

Photo by Bas Brummans