Hilly van Eerten

What intrigues me now is the modern city, from after the industrial revolution. Everything is happening there. I see architecture, tall buildings, but also action. There's lots of work going on. People are working 'inside' but also ; 'outside'. I see people but also machines, cranes, trains, metros.

In the Netherlands the modern city is concentrated around the stations. In Amsterdam around the Central Station, but also round Station Zuid with the Zuid-As, Sloterdijk or the Bijlmer Arena. Another good example is Den Haag CS. Besides this I've also made a series of prints of New York Manhattan. I go to these places to look around and then I take pictures. In the Amsterdams Grafisch Atelier I work them into mono-prints. Mono-prints of modern architecture with randomly placed pictures of people. I find these exciting. On the one hand they are very personal, on the other hand impersonal. Alienating? I love that.

Jury Smit