Daniel Wiener

Daniel Wiener, who recently received a Guggenheim Fellowship, grew up in Los Angeles County but has lived in or around NYC for close to thirty years. A professional artist since 1977, Daniel's first show was at the Stephen Wirtz gallery in San Francisco, held shortly after his graduation from University of California at Berkeley. In 1982Daniel was awarded a fellowship for an unusually long stay at Yaddo, which inspired his exodus to the East Coast. Daniel's work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in both group and one-person shows, notably at Bravin/Post Lee Gallery in New York and Acme Gallery in LA. Though he is known primarily for his intense and viscerally arresting sculptures, Daniel also works on watercolors, 3-D animations, and website design. Daniel is presently affiliated with Lesley Heller Workspace on the Lower East Side of New York City where he had a one-person exhibition in 2012. He lives and works in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. Visit his website to catch up on the most recent developments: http://www.danielwiener.com/

About the Good Neighbor Project
I began the Good Neighbor project intending to portray the faces of the second string of power. While drawing these small-minded characters I'd ask, "Would they make a good neighbor?"
How about Michael Burry, who by shorting sub-prime mortgages, made a bundle when borrowers lost their homes? Or Daniel Feith? Or Joe Arpaio?
In a similar spirit to Guston's "Poor Richard", the question also begs a level of introspection. I, much to my chagrin, identify with the sweaty discomfort of Nixon. In drawing such imagined public despots, I have begun to ask: "What kind of neighbor am I?"