Chen Ping

Chen Ping was born in Shantou, China in 1962 and now works in China and Australia. He is represented by Tally Beck Contemporary in New York, Pearl Lam Fine Art in Shanghai and other galleries in Hong Kong, Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart. His work has been shown at some international museums and art fairs including Scope NY & Basel, Art Chicago, also has been collected by Guangzhou Museum of Art in China and White Rabbit Collection in Australia.

His work is a complex and inclusive art language. It is neither purely abstract nor purely expressive whilst being both conceptual and realistic. Currently, he is mixing Western figurative and pictorial structures with the spirit of Eastern space and mark making. The subjects are derived from Chinese ancient philosophy and mythology; they are also inspired by the beautiful landscape in Tasmania where the artist lives. Through the depiction of human structures integrating into vast landscape (and sometimes animals), He tries to visualise the modern tension between mankind and his environment and to explore the ancient Chinese philosophic concept – “Man and universe are one”.

Ian by Chen Ping