Dalani Tanahy

Dalani Tanahy – Hawaiian Kapa Practitioner

Kapa was the barkcloth used as clothing throughout Polynesia, parts of South America, Africa and Asia.  In Hawaii the skill of making kapa vanished shortly after foreign contact.
Kapa making in Hawaii has enjoyed a rebirth in the last 40 years, and Dalani is among those who have taken part in helping revive, recreate and re-educate people about this art.   As a cultural education and kapa teacher for over 15 years, she has taught and shown kapa making around the world.  As an artist she has created works for people for much of that time and recently was able to create extensive work at the new Disney Aulani Resort in Hawaii.  She was also a part of a hula and kapa collaboration, and along with over 25 other kapa practitioners, made kapa that was worn for the Merrie Monarch Festival, the most prestigious Hula competition in the world.  As a creator of a meant-to-be-used product, Dalani takes great pride in making soft, strong, wearable kapa as well as beautiful art.
For Dalani, being a kapa practitioner is not only about expressing Hawaiian kapa as an art, but ensuring it’s value and visibility into the future.   

For more information visit www.kapahawaii.com


Worked for:

1- Disney Corp for Aulani Resort and Spa at Ko`olina, Hawaii
2- Smithsonian Institute - National Museum of the American Indian, Washington DC
3- Hokuau Pelligrino, Wailuku, Maui
4- Wayne Rapozo, London, England
5- Design Studio, Honolulu
6- Institut National Du Patrimoine, St. Denis la Plaine, France
7- Nanakuli Community Museum
8- James Robertson Art Consultants Inc, Toronto, Ontario

9- Andrea Lecusay, Lakshmi Interiors

Kilohana, A Life's Topography by Dalani Tanahy