All the designs will be manually silkscreen printed in the Netherlands. This will result in little differences (in color and intensity) with each and every shirt. This makes the T-shirts even more unique. We strive to give you the best result possible. Not only will the printer perform a quality check on each and every shirt, so do we. We only ship you the shirt if we are 100% satisfied with the quality. If you are still not happy with the shirt then let us know. See the Returns section. 


Our high-quality T-shirts are produced in Hungary. Our T-shirts are made of 100% cotton interlock. They are soft to wear. They come in a male (round neck) form and female (oval neck) form. We offer the following sizes: Small – Medium – Large – Xlarge – XXLarge. See our Size Chart for an overview of sizes and dimensions.


Our washing instructions are as follows:
Hand wash cold. Do not iron the designs. Do not dry clean. If specialty inks are used then wash the T-shirt inside out (good idea anyway). Expect some shrinkage when washing. Be especially careful when material is glued upon the T-shirt. We cannot guarantee glued material will stick to the T-shirt when you wash it.


So you want it framed? Good choice as we offer collectors’ items that you really would like to hang in your living room, your office or above your bed. We use high quality materials for our frames. We will make sure that you will receive them in the best condition. We will make photo’s before we ship the item to make sure there is nothing wrong when we ship it. If something terrible happened during shipping then please, let us know immediately. Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns of frames so please, be careful to which frame you would like to order.

Other Products

It is always a surprise what to find on this third page in the order process. You could find the original work of the artist or goods for you to purchase from various other suppliers. As these suppliers will send you the goods directly we cannot be held responsible for the state you will receive the goods. If you have trouble with the goods or the supplier then please, discuss your trouble with the supplier and let us know too. We will do our best to mediate. If, in a worst case scenario, you will have to get your money returned then this will come from Sequoia Tees. Not everyday we will show products on this third page.


We will deliver your collectors’ item in a gift box designed for Sequoia Tees. When ordering a framed T-shirt then we will send this in a large box designed for Sequoia Tees and make sure it will arrive at your place in one piece without damages. Of course, anything can happen during transport though we, and the courier service, will do our utmost to give you the best possible experience.


Shipment will be done by UPS. They have promised that they will take the utmost care of the goods we send. If you are not happy the way you received the package then please, let us know. We will discuss this with UPS and find a solution for you.


We want to give you the best experience possible. If there is anything on your mind then please, let us know so we can discuss it.