1 day, 1 design, 100 numbers. Everyday a new design on the Sequoia Tees website with only 100 numbers (00 to 99) for sale. The designs are of the greatest living artists in the world. The artists are required to deliver a unique design, something that the world hasn’t seen of him/ her before. This design will be manually printed on a T-shirt. The T-shirt will have a number punched (cut out and strengthened) in the left sleeve of the shirt. You, the customer, can choose a number. When a number has been sold no one else can buy this design with the number you chose. It is unique in every way. The T-shirts are true collectors’ items. Get them while you can.


The collectors’ item is wrapped in a Sequoia Tees designed gift box and comes with a certificate of authenticity. It gets even better. When available we will include an original handwritten card of the artist along with it too!