Because we are a business and not just a regular business but a cool, exciting and fun business we do need to have the legal stuff mentioned as well.


Let us first put it this way: we don’t want to get into trouble with anyone. We like to solve problems in a decent, generous and adult way. We do try to provide you the best experience possible. That’s our goal in life. If, however, we get into a dispute then this will be handled solely by the court in Amsterdam under Dutch rules and regulations.


If you experience any problem or doubt then please, do not hesitate to contact us at


We need to state the following: when you have allergies to T-shirts in general, cotton and/ or ink then we strongly advise you to not buy our T-shirts! Use T-shirts as they are meant to be (like wearing them on a human being or having them hanging on your wall in a frame). We cannot be held liable for any use of the T-shirts.