Collectors' Items

What makes a Sequoia Tee a collectors' item? We don't sell you a T-shirt. We sell Art. It is the same as a silkscreen print on paper but this you can wear!!  

Unique, one off design

  • Artists will deliver a design that the world has not seen of them before thus unique.
  • Many of our artists are famous and loved by art collectors and have works in the most important museums of the world.


  • The designs will be manually silkscreen printed or embroidered after an order has been placed. This is a time consuming and delicate process specially done for your collectors' item. Pure craftmanship.
  • Some designs will be extended with custom sewing and/ or glued materials to it.

Limited edition

  • The T-shirts themselves are special designed and made for Sequoia Tees and have punched numbers in the left sleeve and a logo in the right sleeve.
  • Punching and embroidering is done manually and so is attaching the logo.
  • You can choose your number when ordering a design of a particular artist. Be fast with ordering as when a number has been chosen by someone else, it will not be available for that particular design anymore. Numbers are between 00 and 99. We will offer not more than 100 T-shirts per design.


  • Many artists will provide a handwritten card with your purchase which will give you another unique item. They really did a great job with these cards. You could even buy the collectors' items just for these cards.

Standard included

  • Standard we will deliver your collectors' item in a beautiful delivery box and drawer gift box. It is a present to receive.
  • Certificate of Authenticity and Washing Instructions 


unique designs + unique T-shirts + choose your favorite number = exclusive collectors' items!