Frames & Originals



After choosing your collectors’ item you will come to the next page. Here you can choose to get your collectors’ item delivered in a frame.


T-shirts will be stitched in the frame. There will be three types of frames:


1.    A high-gloss, silver aluminum framing 45 mm high, with inserts in polished aluminum (as a spacer), including mounting on back of shirt (reversibly sewn) behind 3mm Perspex.


2.    Silvered ornament with stroke metal 45 mm high. With mat board as a spacer in the same color as the shirt. Including mounting on back of shirt (reversibly sewn) behind 3mm Perspex.


3.    White gold, hand-gilded frame cabinet, antique black side. With mat board deepened. Sewn shirt behind 3mm Perspex.


We can deliver the frames with optium acrylic (Perspex that blocks 98% of UV rays and transmits 97% light, museum quality) on request. Please, write to for more information.


There will be an additional two weeks extra delivery time for the frames.

Original art works

Wouldn’t it be nice to purchase not only the collectors’ item T-shirt but the original art work too? That is possible as some of our artists will offer their original art work on our site!


When you choose to buy the original art work then the artist will send it to you directly. This means that we will have to provide your address to the artist. If you don’t want this then please, let us know so we can work out something for you.


Price of the original art work includes shipping & handling costs and sales tax where needed.