Jun Iseyama

Peter by Jun IseyamaIseyama creates a mis-en-scene of fantastical worlds Inspired by a potpourri of myths and lore ranging from the Japanese folk tales of Yamamba and KachiKachi Yama to the anthropomorphized puppet works of Jan Svankmajer and mainstream horror films,Iseyama conceives her own narrative, one that is both demoniac and serene, puckish and naïve.

Jun Iseyama was born in Tokyo and now lives and works in Chicago. She has participated in groupexhibitions at Marc Jancou, Jack Tilton, Spencer Brownstone, Thread Waxing Space and JamesFuentes Gallery. Her work is in the collection at the Museum of Modern Art and a number of notableprivate collections.

Jun Iseyama has attained distinction because she is one of the very few at the top of the field of contemporary feminist art who is irrevocably changing the way we think about art, the body, and the relationship between the viewer and the artwork. Her most recent work in particular represents an important transformation from a more overtly political feminist art of the 1970’s to a feminist art that is far more multivalent and self-aware, in which feminist consciousness is pervasive even when unacknowledged or demeaned. It is also distinguished by its self-reflective qualities, exploration of psychological and sexual themes.Her recent work, “Good Friendly Supernatural Hell” is also an outstanding example of the use of images of ghostliness and anxiety, if not outright terror, combined with a surface childlike “cuteness”, which not only typifies some of the best Japanese contemporary feminist art, but is based on themes which have been part of the Japanese artistic and literary tradition since Japan’s greatest novel, “Genji Monogatari” was written by a woman author, Murasaki Shikibu, a thousand years ago.she is making a unique and important contribution to this field by using traditional Japanese imagery in order to express a 21st Century female identity capable of holding its own against the age-old challenges of loneliness, anxiety and depression.